Lagos, Nigeria

Polaris Bank Case Study

The Brief

Polaris Bank came to Richee Media with a unique problem: They’d just taken over Skye Bank and the internet was awash with negative news about their bank’s scandal (during the Skye Bank era). It was rubbing off on the new bank and customers were pulling out their money rapidly. They needed to change the narrative online and change customers’ perception about them.

What we did

  • Brain stormed a digital brand reputation strategy with our strategy team.
  • Drafted a list of all the positive things the bank had to offer.
  • Employed social monitoring tools to track mentions of the bank on Twitter, after which we countered with positive Tweets based on the list we drew up.
  • Next, we launched a concerted content marketing campaign of positive stories around the bank on major credible news platforms.
  • We employed off page search engine optimization techniques to push on google, those posts.
  • Finally, we contacted a few publishers to either take down or replace the negative posts with positive ones that showed the current situation of things.

The Results

1st page of google when you search “Polaris Bank Limited”

All negative posts suppressed

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