#Covid19: Why Your Brand Needs Social Media Marketing Now More Than Ever

#Covid19: Why Your Brand Needs Social Media Marketing Now More Than Ever

#Covid19 Coronavirus Pandemic in the US, Nigeria and other parts of the World means isolation, and isolation means the increased use of social media platforms, studies have revealed.

The truth about Social Media

“Social Media” in itself is merely the day to day social interactions that takes place between two or more people out in the real world transferred or extended to digital space.

It therefore means that in the presence of limited physical communication and “Social distancing”, people by default will turn towards their various social media platforms because Social is a replica of their real world – online.

Social usage media stats skyrocket amidst #Covid19


According to research made by Influencer Marketing Agency, Obviously,  they came to the conclusion that 260 of their own campaigns including more than 7.5 million Instagram posts and data from 2,152 TikTok influencers, found a 76% increase in daily accumulated likes on Instagram #ad posts over the last two weeks.

And that’s not all.

Further research also unearthed a 22% increase in Instagram campaign impressions from Q4 2019 to Q1 2020 and a 27% jump in engagement on average on TikTok from February to March.

A similar study by StreamElement also shows that live streaming across YouTube, Facebook and others grew by more than 66% between the first week of February and this past week.

Now more than ever, people in Nigeria and all over the World are using Social Media to share information, air their anxieties while biding time either in quarantine or while maintaining some form of Social distancing.

The opportunity for brands to increase revenue

It’s a given already that social media usage is ridiculously high all around the world. Billions of people login to different social platforms everyday and spend hours.

The spread of the #Covid19 Coronavirus Pandemic in Nigeria as the studies above show will surely triple if not quadruple social media time on site, engagement rates, click through rates, website traffic and virtually every other state that is relevant to measuring the success of a brand’s campaign on social media.

By all indications, this is no doubt the best time for brands to engage in social media marketing.

If your brand or company plays in the digital field, the chances of success even increases the more because social media marketing is carried out in the digital space and people can buy from you online from their phones without ever leaving their homes.

Where we come in

Richee Media is a Social Media only digital agency in Lagos, Nigeria that has helped leading brands at home and abroad execute innovative marketing campaigns that significantly boost their bottom line.

When we say we are a “social media only” Agency, it means that Social is our core service. It means that because we can focus on just social, we have a better chance of getting you from point A to point B faster, more effectively and of course, cheaper than any other Agency in Nigeria.

What we’re offering

1. Social media Audits: Get insights into what’s working, what’s failing & what to do about it across your social media channels.

2. Social Media Advertising: Reach the right people with the right message across multiple social channels.

3. Social media management: We manage and maintain all your Brand’s social media accounts day-to-day.

4. Social media content creation: We conceptualize and create engaging videos, image, gifs and articles for your social media.

5. Social Influencer Marketing: Reach the right people with the right message via Influencers across multiple social channels.

6. Social Media training: Train your employees on how to execute effective social media marketing campaigns.

Are you ready to push your brand forward and thrive in these trying times when other businesses are slowing going under as a result of the #Covid19 Coronavirus outbreak?

Contact us now and let’s schedule a call to see how we can be of service.