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We help you buy Instagram followers in Nigeria. Let Richee Media help you achieve your business goals through social media marketing.

Why you should buy Instagram followers in Nigeria.

1. It boosts your Instagram page perception

If you were a brand that lands on an Instagram page and sees 1,000 followers or lands on another page and see 10,000 followers? Which would you instantly consider first?

The first solid perception you can give any visitor to your IG page is by the number of followers you can boast of.

This aspect of Social media Influencer marketing is the classic raw and solid definition of judging a book by its cover. They see you as a big influencer FIRST by the number of followers you have in comparison to the competition.

2. Influencer status

Buying instagram followers almost instantly brings you up to that enviable Influencer status where you can charge brands anything from N250,000 to N1,000,000+ per campaign.

3. It even gets you real followers.

Ask yourself this: How likely are you to follow a page that has 1,200 followers versus a page of similar niche that has 120,000 followers? People like to identify with success.

4. It saves you precious time. 

If it will take you 2 years to organically build a follower base from 0 to 100,000, how long do you think it’ll take to build it if you say, just simply went out and bought it? As short as 1 month (for safety purposes its best to spread out the buying even if you have the money so your brand doesn’t run foul of Instagram’s rules for suspicious looking account activity).

Plans and Pricing

Unfortunately, we don’t sell followers anymore. However, we sell legit Instagram likes and comments in Nigeria. Here are our prices.

If you’re interested in buying real Nigerian Instagram likes and comments, contact us on 08164441409.

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