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Content Marketing Agency in Lagos Nigeria: What is Content marketing, content creation, content writing?

Content marketing is an inbound marketing strategy that helps you attract, engage and convert potential customers through the use of audio, text or visual content.

Benefits of content marketing

1. It drives product consideration & conversions (i.e – leads & sales)

Studies have shown that companies that constantly create content geared towards a marketing goal typically experience 6X more conversion rates higher than their competitors who don’t focus on content marketing.

But how exactly does it drive conversions?

For example, a company that sells Mattresses solicits the services of a content marketing agency in Lagos Nigeria to create an article titled, “5 dangerous health implications of sleeping on an aged Mattress.”

The post highlights these reasons and at the end informs you of where you can purchase a brand new Mattress just near your area (their store of course). This sort of post generates product consideration and leads to conversion.

2. Content marketing generates website traffic.

According to digital marketing company, HubSpot, companies that publish 16 blog posts or more per month get almost 3.5X more traffic than those that only published 4 posts or less per month.

Therefore, if your business goal is to drive website traffic, executing a monthly content creation and marketing strategy for your business will drive targeted relevant traffic to your content, which in turn leads to more possible business for your company. Hubspot also affirms that blog content especially continue to generate traffic long after they’re published.

3. To educate your target audience about your products and services.

If there is one benefit content marketing has over ad formats like banner ads, it’s that because of its nature, it provides the advertiser with more than enough space to explain in detail their product or service to the point of convincing their potential customer to make a purchase.

A banner ad does not have such luxury, nor does a TV, Radio, Newspaper or Billboard ad. This makes it probably one of the most effective mediums at converting customers. This is why you need experienced content marketing, content creation and content writers in Lagos Nigeria.

What we want to do for you

  • Conceptualize a content marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals.
  • Triple your return on investment by employing our unrivaled on-page SEO optimization techniques that ensures maximum acquisition of only customers who are interested in what you’re selling for years to come.
  • (Optional) Reach out to top blog publishers where your target audience are located online to distribute your content to millions of potential customers.

Types of content marketing services we offer

  1. Blog post writing
  2. Social media post writing
  3. Press release writing
  4. Radio jingle script writing

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