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Social Media management for small businesses.

Posting and managing the social media pages of your small business is stressful. Coupled with running a business full time, you most likely never maintain a consistent, predictable schedule of posting on social media.

Not posting consistently on your social media page can give your customers the impression that your business isn’t active enough. And if they think it’s not active enough, the lesser their interest in patronizing your products & services.

Richee Media is here to help you automate this task with our SME Plan.

Don’t have the budget for our bigger plans? Subscribe to our monthly Social media management plan and keep a consistent posting schedule for your business.

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How it works

Note: The entire process will take maximum of 5 business days between when you pay and when posts start going live

FREQUently asked questions

Got questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions below to get answers.

Q1. What if I want to manage more accounts?

The SME Plan only allows for Instagram management. To manage more accounts, kindly upgrade to our higher plans.

The SME Plan provides for 2 posts a week. If you need more posts, kindly upgrade to our higher plans.

Q3. Are your Instagram followers real Nigerians?

Yes, they are. 100%. To grow your followers, we leverage paid promotions online where we target potential followers by gender, location, ethnicity, religion, and other criteria and direct them to your Instagram page to follow.

Q4. What if I need you to run Instagram advertisement on my page?

Our SME Plan is focused on social media management tasks. These involve creating and posting content, bringing direct messages to your attention, replying to and deleting negative comments, engaging with & increasing your followers.

If you’re interested in running ads, kindly upgrade to our higher plans. You could also run ads yourself. Our experts can put your through.

Q5. After I pay, how long does it take to get everything running?

After you subscribe to our SME Plan, it takes just 5 business days to get everything running.

Q6. Do I need to provide you with content?

Only part. After payment, the order form you fill out will provide a means for you to upload pictures and videos of your business/products & services for us.

Nevertheless, in addition to that, our team will also create customized social media graphics for you according to your content calendar.

Q7. How do you know what to post for my business?

After you checkout, you will be immediately prompted to fill out our service order form. This form will ask you to go into great detail about your business, what you do, who you serve, and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Once we have these details, our team will use this info to create a content calendar accordingly and send it to you for review.

Q8. What type of results can I expect?

The key performance indicator you should look at for this plan is to make sure we are hitting the number of followers & posts we say we will get you in the SME Plan.

All these metrics influence business sales positively in the long term if done consistently. You can always evaluate our progress when we send monthly reports to see how this is working for you.

Q9. How soon can I expect to see results?

If you define results as followers & posting, our clients normally notice an increase in these metrics within the first 30 days and onwards.

To see noticeable results in the amount of leads/sales, we recommend our clients to work long-term with Richee Media for the best results. Subscribe to this plan for at least 6-12 months to see a noticeable impact on sales & conversions.

Q10. How will I be charged?

You will be billed automatically on a monthly basis when you subscribe to our SME Plan. This helps us maintain posting consistency month in, and month out without service interruption.

Don’t worry, you can cancel anytime if you feel we aren’t meeting up to your expectations. There are no contracts or commitments holding you. We usually send an email at the end of each month to find out if you want to cancel or leave your subscription running.

Q11. Wait...I still have questions!

We serve at your pleasure. Send all inquiries to so our customer care rep can answer your questions.

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