Black Freaky Friday Campaign

Client Niche

Client Niche Case Study


Client Niche is a B2B company in Lagos, Nigeria that sells Corporate Souvenir gift items to Companies. The festive season was approaching and they needed to sell certain gift items, particularly their Corporate gift sets and Vintage Storage Boxes via the aid of digital marketing in Nigeria. They also required an agency that would upload their hundreds of inventory unto their e-commerce website.

Strategy: "Black Freaky Friday Campaign"

The Black Freaky Friday Campaign was a nod to the famed Black Friday shopping popularized by Jumia within that same period. We wanted to tap into the season of discounts by also offering competitive prices for the gift items Client Niche was selling.

In executing this campaign, we utilized SEO, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads and Google search ads.


  • 1,203,567 impressions
  • 1,768 clicks
  • 820 leads
  • Sales of N1.7 million within 3 months of starting the campaign.


Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, SEO, PPC, Website Management.

Client Niche

B2B Corporate Souvenirs

October 2019

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