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Getcontact is an app that helps you verify caller identity thereby protecting you from spam and unwanted calls.

The company was launching in the African market and kicking off from Nigeria. They came to us with a problem: How could they compete favorably with incumbent, Truecaller and carve a niche for themselves in this market?

Strategy: "who saved me like this campaign"

In order to appeal to the younger demography which constituted the majority of their target audience, we utilized in-depth audience research to highlight a major feature on the app that Truecaller didn’t leverage on and that resonated extremely well with millennials – the ability to see what name people on your contact list used to saved your name.

We leveraged 4 of the most well known celebrity Influencers to lead this charge namely Taaomaa, MC LIVELY, The Cute Abiola and Diane Russet. They engaged their respective audiences using Instagram Stories with a Swipe Up call to action to download the app.

The results were expected. The “Who Saved Me Like This” campaign brought about a keen sense of curiosity in the minds of the target audience and this in turn drove them to seek out the app on the app stores.


  • The campaign had a cumulative potential reach of 6,500,000 people.
  • The video and image Stories posted by the Influencers were seen more than 1,000,000 times within 24hrs.
  • We recorded over 12,000 Swipe Ups to download within 24hrs.
  • Overall positive Brand Lift/Brand Affinity derived from comments and messages to Influencers.


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June 2020

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