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Benefits of an Influencer Marketing Agency in Lagos Nigeria for your business.

1. Higher likelihood of purchase.

Studies have shown that tweets from Influencers interwoven with brand messages have increased purchase intent by more than 5X. And that’s not all, 40% of people have reportedly made a purchase as a result of an influencer tweet.

2. Hyper targeted audience

Influencers are usually categorized by niches. There are fashion influencers, food, tech, business, celebrity influencers among others.

When you thus work with a social media influencer who’s niche aligns with your target audience, your return on investment stands to be very high because of the relevance of the target audience (the influencers’ followers).

For example, if you sell phones and other gadgets, your target audience will be people who are interested in gadgets and tech. It means that if you partnered with a technology influencer, your chances of reaching a focused and relevant audience ready to buy your gadgets is very high.

3. It appears organic

Let’s say the truth: people hate ads. To further buttress this point, according to an IAB study, two-third of consumers reportedly use ad blockers on their computers and smartphones.

Influencer marketing however is different because the followers dog an influencer have willingly (note the stress of the word) accepted to receive content from them.

So when you send your message through an influencer (that is especially tailored by the influencer to make it look and feel like his/her normal posts), it does not come across as an ad and hence is accepted.

What we want to do for you

Whether you are looking to enlist the services of Nigerian brand influencers, micro influencers in Nigeria, female social media influencers in Nigeria, or popular Instagram influencers in Nigeria, Richee Media will help you reach and surpass your marketing goals through the following strategies:

  • Develop an influencer marketing strategy that properly conveys your brand message to your ideal target audience.
  • Utilizing our long lasting relationships with some of the top Influencers in Nigeria, draw up and reach out to our huge database of partner Micro and Mega Influencers who’s niche and followers align with your brand message.
  • Flawlessly execute your influencer marketing campaign.

Are you ready to begin your influencer marketing campaign with Richee Media, the best Influencer marketing agency in Lagos Nigeria? Don’t procrastinate.

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