Black & Proud Campaign

Larog Fashion Empire

Larog fashion Case Study


Larog Fashion Empire is a Fashion company in Nigeria and the US that sells ready-made clothes made out of African prints for African women in the Diaspora. The company approached us to create awareness of their brand in US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Strategy: "Black & Proud Campaign"

The Black & Proud Campaign focused on the idea that African females in the diaspora who were cut off from their cultural heritage due to geographical barrier could see the Larog Brand as a symbol, a means to flaunt their African roots.

You wear a Larog piece and it represents an unspoken but bold statement saying “I’m Black and I’m proud of it”.

We conducted in-depth audience audience analysis and deduced that the best social platforms to reach their target audience were Facebook & Instagram.

We launched ads & content across these channels targeting people interested in African fashion while also layering this criteria with those who were active shoppers online so as to get the most ready buyers.

We then retargeted those who clicked over to the website and those who watched the video ad. These people represented our “Warm audience” so placing these ads in front of them again with more incentive to buy would prompt the sale.



Within a 30 day period: 

  • Adverts about Larog Fashion Empire reached over 34,000 females in mainly UK, Canada, US and Australia.
  • More than 34,000 of these females saw the adverts 50,000 times.
  • Out of these 34,000 females, 3,443 clicked to the website with intent to purchase.
  • We created a 20 sec video that was watched 1.8k times in 7 days, more than 100 social media posts across 4 channels.
  • We grew the brand’s Facebook community by 150% and its Instagram by 28.57%.
  • We created a Facebook Ecommerce shop & a Facebook Messenger Bot to drive Social sales.


Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising.

Larog Fashion Empire


December 2020

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